• Keshav Godala

India to join single-use plastic free club and InfinityBox is there to contribute towards it !!

Efforts to ban single use plastics have been in motion for a long time lead by PM Narendra Modi. The campaign is expected to be launched on 2nd October, 2019, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and it will ban as many as six items. It is a nation wide ban imposed on plastic items such as bags, straws, cups, plates, small bottles and sachets. The aim is to sweep out single use plastics from cities and villages which have been topped the most polluted ranking. PM Modi is leading in the effort to scrap non recyclable waste by 2022. The ban will also be comprehensive and will also cover the manufacturing, usage and import of these items. Pollution due to plastic has been a world wide concern, particularly creating a threat for oceans and the dependant life system where more than 50 percent of the single use plastic products generally end up. It majorly alters the composition of the water killing aquatic animals and also entering the human food chain.

The European union has been planning to ban single use plastic by 2021. In fact, Britain and Ireland were the foremost countries to declare Climate change and pollution as an emergency. Other countries like China (Shanghai) and the island of Hainan has already started campaigns to vow off the use of such plastics. Specifically, India lacks an organized system for the management and banning of waste material, leading to excess littering across villages and cities. The ban on the single use plastic items will reduce the annual consumption of plastic in india from 5 to 10 percent. This consumption is currently 15 million tonnes. There are multiple penalties for violation of this proposed ban which will be initiate after a 6 month adaptation period for people to get used to the ban. Some states in the country have already imposed this plastic ban.

One of the aims of this campaign is also to reduce the plastic wraps used for packaging, which accounts for upto 40 percent of the total annual consumption. This act will prevent the big market players from creating such harmful wastes. We are at InfinityBox are working towards reducing the waste generated by the food delivery industry, which currently produces 36,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually. Though convenient, this is a dangerous path leading to our own damnation, collectively we all can change this.

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