Frequently Asked Questions

What features does Epic One provide your enterprise with?

Epic provides you with High customer engagement, End to end rewards solution, Rewards management software, Personalised rewards, 20+ reward categories,

How long does Epic take to build your Rewards Store?

Epic assures building your Rewards Store in 48 hours. Request the demo by filling in your email and you will receive a demo from

How secure are your member's points in the Epic App?

Your customer’ reward points are perfectly secure on the Epic App. Each time you attempt to claim/ redeem your points you will receive an OTP which is personalized to your phone number. As long as your customer’s private information and phone is secure, your member’s points are safe to be stored on the EPIC App.

How is technology integrated with Epic and your Enterprise?

The technology has the power to customize the loyalty experience rather than forcing companies to offer generic "one size fits all" approach. This platform also delivers relevant content within the right context so that the program and the technology are enhancing a customer's experience.

How does Epic One help your enterprise?

Epic provides Increased engagement, intelligent data, Mobile-first platform, customised reporting tool, customised coupon code system, PCI DSS certified platform, low-cost rewards ecosystem, higher revenues, social media deep linking, lowered attrition, over 100 global reward partners and easy integration.