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Delivery food containers are destroying the environment!

InfinityBox™ will replace single-use plastic containers with reusable, recyclable, and better quality containers. And SAVE you money! 

60 million food orders are delivered every month. But when you’re done eating, all the plastic containers, delivery bag, and plastic cutlery go straight into the trash...

Every living organism on the planet is suffering from the consequences of using single use plastics, including the aquatic creatures who are experiencing the effects of microplastics in the oceans

9.2 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced since 1950. Of which, ~91% of the plastic waste hasn’t even made it to a recycling bin.


The Solution

A revolutionizing solution aimed towards creating a circular economy for reusable and recyclable environment-friendly food packaging containers.





This is how we make it happen

Customers order food on the food aggregator app and opts for InfinityBox™

OR  The customers can drop InfinityBoxes in a smart bin near them

Customers can return InfinityBoxes to the delivery executive

They enjoy their meals in reusable InfinityBoxes

InfinityBoxes go through rigorous hygiene management and quality checks before being returned to the restauratns

We add value to every stakeholder involved!


Better quality packaging


Exclusive environment friendly rating


Eco friendly tag




Carbon credits


In line with single use plastic ban


Platform to contribute to the zero-waste movement


Better quality containers


Lower plastic waste generation


Reuse is better than one-time use recyclables



InfinityBox is an interesting concept and need of the hour as it tackles plastic pollution. I am looking forward to smart bins being installed for returning containers.

Aniket Deb

Co-founder & CEO


InfinityBox is a solution which we must incorporate in our lives right away. Having implemented the Boto Project, we've seen how massive the plastic menace is and it is high time we change our practices

Amishi Shah


Upcycler's Lab

With its circular economy model, InfinityBox has the potential to massively reduce the amount of single-use plastic used in food delivery containers. I am very excited to see it scale.

Madhav Datt


Green the Gene

InfinityBox is a solution that everyone’s thought about at least once but no one actually went ahead and implemented. Kudos to these guys for providing us all a platform to contribute to the environment

Shivank Sharma



I feel great to have witnessed concept to execution of a circular economy model in food packaging by InfinityBox’s innovative model. The concept of smart bins, especially, is I believe revolutionary.

Sumant Parimal

Forbes thought leader

Partner, Innogress

Let’s move towards a Zero-Waste society together


We would love to hear ideas and suggestions from you.

Its time for us to be the change, lets work together.


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